Excessive intake of sugar, (partly due to the fructose fraction, but also glucose) or other simple carbs increases our risk of cancer. Our evolutionary past has instilled in us a natural craving for sugar which can be especially dangerous with a mutated phosphoinositide-3-kinase, or PI3K enzyme.

Fructose (from sugar and corn syrup) worsens glycation, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, insulin resistance, and chronic inflammation.

The sugar-fueled cancer concerns include:

bowel cancer

→ breast cancer

Shown by a study of 4690 women.

Sugar may hasten the spread of breast cancer to the lungs.

colon cancer

→ colorectal cancer

This was shown by a study of 506 patients and 673 controls

This was also shown by a study of 1586 patients and 2485 controls

endometrial cancer

liver cancer

→ pancreatic cancer

This was shown by a study of 77,797 men and women

This was also shown by a study of 532 cases and 1701 controls

→ prostate cancer

→ stomach cancer

There is also a diabetes concern:

Minimize sugar consumption. This includes high fructose corn syrup.

The sugar caution works independent of adiposity (obesity).

The sugar caution works independent of sedentary behavior.

Chronic high sugar intake injures via expression of genes involved in lipogenesis, gluconeogenesis, and β-oxidation.

Chronic high sugar intake injurs via increased uric acid levels.

Sugar (sucrose) is 1/2 fructose.

Starches, especially simple starches, turn into sugar during digestion.

Processed foods and soft drinks are laced with excess sugar. Both sugary and diet sodas are bad news.

For maximum immunity: minimize consumption of simple carbs such as sugar.

To avoid obesity: sugar sweetened beverages are bad (includes 100% fruit juice).

Avoid a high sugar intake which is also a high fructose intake.

Sugar is especially hazardous for those genetically predisposed to obesity.

Sugar increases visceral fat – the most dangerous kind.

Sugar injures via an altered gut microbiome and causes leptin resistance

High sugar intake injures via higher levels of insulin which is the fat storage hormone.

Hidden sources of dietary sugar, which can reduce enjoyment of fruits.

Refined carbs, which quickly turn into sugar, are the worst.

A high-glycemic index diet increased hunger and craving.

Finally, for longevity: sugar caution (sucrose is 1/2 fructose): best to avoid sugary drinks and honey.

Another 144 reasons to avoid sugar.

Sugar causes 25,000 deaths per year in USA alone: it is addictive.

This caution includes, of course, soda.

This caution includes simple carbs.

Some nutritional guidelines may be too permissive. It has been a struggle.

Managing sugar cravings.