This study of 48,440 adult patients found that consistently meeting physical activity guidelines was strongly associated with a reduced risk for severe COVID-19 outcomes among infected adults. Hand washing Hand washing (insist on it when hospitalized) – for 20 seconds. Wash your hands like you just got done slicing jalapenos for some nachos and you need to take your… Continue reading Immunity

Avoiding Type 2 Diabetes

Insulin resistance amplifies the risk of many dreadful diseases.   Here are the first signs of type 2 diabetes.   Be Slim Type 2 diabetes occurs when a susceptible person acquires too much (visceral) fat inside the pancreas so these insulin-producing cells are struggling for quite a long period of time. That’s pre-diabetes, which does… Continue reading Avoiding Type 2 Diabetes

Longevity via a healthy lifestyle

We can all learn something from the long-lived Okinowans. The Okinawa diet and lifestyle – carotene-rich veggies, seaweed, calorie restriction.   A healthy lifestyle is living as one’s life matters, which means: exercise not getting fat not smoking eating healthy (no junk) minimizing alcohol get outside for some highly beneficial (moderate) sun exposure prioritize sleep… Continue reading Longevity via a healthy lifestyle

Longevity and Long-term Cognition via Avoiding Ultra-processed Foods

Ultra-processed foods are concoctions of various industrial ingredients (such as emulsifiers, thickeners, and artificial flavors) amalgamated into food products by a series of manufacturing processes. The intense industrial processes used to produce ultra-processed foods destroy the natural structure of the food ingredients and strip away many beneficial nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. WebMD suggests that, when you… Continue reading Longevity and Long-term Cognition via Avoiding Ultra-processed Foods


All about sleep. Suggestions for falling asleep quickly. Here is a summary of sleep aids from WebMD. Here is another summary from Healthline. Dr. Hansen’s advice on sleep (good). Dr. Brad Stanfield’s advice on sleep (also good). 8 hours of sleep? Professor Daniel Lieberman, suggests here that 7 hours is more the norm.   Valerian… Continue reading Sleep

Long Term Cognition via a Plant-Based Diet

zea Brain health is whole-person health. The idea that focusing on only one aspect of health, like diet or exercise, will result in a healthy older brain is naïve. We need to make sustained efforts across all aspects of wellness to remain cognitively vibrant into old age.   The healthier the diet, rich in fruits,… Continue reading Long Term Cognition via a Plant-Based Diet

Long Term Cognition via Minimizing Iron Intake

Iron caution: Brain iron can be used to predict who will get Alzhiemer’s Abnormal iron is found in the brains of those with Alzheimer’s. Brain iron in Parkinson’s predicts cognitive decline. Iron damages via oxidative stress. Iron in the brain combines with Aβ in the brain → smaller entorhinal cortex (ERC) volume. Iron may also… Continue reading Long Term Cognition via Minimizing Iron Intake