Long Term Cognition via Avoiding Brain Atrophy

An analysis of data from more than 36,000 adults, led by a team from the University of Pennsylvania, found that light-to-moderate alcohol consumption was associated with reductions in overall brain volume. Studies of alcoholics have reported a relationship between temporal lobe shrinkage and a history of alcohol withdrawal seizures, while frontal lobe shrinkage occurs in… Continue reading Long Term Cognition via Avoiding Brain Atrophy

Long Term Cognition and Longevity via Autophagy

The failure of autophagy with age can be a very important aggravating factor in many diseases. Autophagy may provide an explanation why those suffering from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s also have other diseases. Autophagy failure leads to fat deposits and other garbage accumulation in the brain. Failure of autophagy in the brain affects other organs. Centenarians… Continue reading Long Term Cognition and Longevity via Autophagy


acetyl-L-carnitine alfalfa, more almonds aloe vera amla (Phyllanthus emblica) (Indian gooseberry), better than drugs apples, including dried apples but apple juice will have the opposite effect due to the lack of fiber apple cider vinegar, apples artichoke astaxanthin, more avocados help a little, especially vs small, dense, LDL cholesterol barley basil beans, more, more beets,… Continue reading Cholesterol

Obesity in children

Here is an appeal to common sense regarding obesity in children. Both doctors and parents are reluctant about raising the issue of childhood obesity. Over the past 30 years, the rate of childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents. The developing world is vulnerable to obesity in children   childhood… Continue reading Obesity in children

Prenatal concerns

Important: The list of concerns, below, is, by no means, exhaustive. And, because I am not a licensed medical service provider, some references here may also be flaky. The prenatal period is so important, I get the willies every time I post here. Use the information here only as suggestions to mention to your doctor… Continue reading Prenatal concerns

Children’s neurological health

psychological abuse is as harmful as sexual or physical abuse extreme neglect’s effect on the brain – really sad bullying is just as bad for math and reading achievement air pollution is bad for kid’s brains, behavior, and psychiatric health teen alcohol use is bad news teen smoking is an alcohol abuse warning aluminum warning… Continue reading Children’s neurological health

Children’s general health

Children are not little adults (though they do know the score). That is why we have pediatricians like Dr. Craig Canapari and sites like kidshealth.org.   Good parenting affects lifelong health of progeny. Be a good example for your kids – their life may depend on it – at least their quality of life. This,… Continue reading Children’s general health

Preventing Cancer

DNA (family history) is not destiny. vitamin A breast cancer prostate cancer Carrots and yellow veggies: carotene gets converted to vitamin A. adiponectin vs. pancreatic cancer be slim and avoid diabetes almonds α-ketoglutarate (AKG) can inhibit carcinogenesis induced by oncometabolites or hypoxia by activating enzymes from the 2-OGDD family (2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenases). Exogenous AKG exhibited anti-tumour… Continue reading Preventing Cancer

Cancer causative stuff

Common Stuff that Causes, and Increases the Chance of, Cancer Here are seven dietary factors that may increase the risk of cancer. abdominal fat acetaminophen (Tylenol, paracetamol): shown by the VITAL study of 62,841 men and women aged 50 to 76 years may increase the chance of liver cancer may increase the chance of blood… Continue reading Cancer causative stuff

Blood pressure

There is a a broadly linear relationship between blood pressure reduction and lower risk of dementia, regardless of which type of treatment was used. Three doctors discuss blood pressure. These doctors then discuss how to lower blood pressure: eat beets and flax seed, which they state are the most proven. Mitochondrial dysfunction may contribute to… Continue reading Blood pressure