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Alcohol consumption is a cognitive, heart, and cancer threat.


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).


Autophagy for longevity and long-term cognition.


Blood Pressure control (below 120 systolic) to prevent dementia, for kidney health, for cardiovascular health. and for longevity.


Blood Sugar control for long-term cognition.


Blood-brain barrier dysfunction can precede symptoms of cognitive decline.


Circadian Oscillation that is strong will bring about longevity, long-term cognition, better mood, immunity,  and better sleep.


COVID-19: Interesting and Tragic Facts


Type 2 Diabetes – how to avoid.


Heart Health


Optimal Gut Bacteria (the Gut Microbiome) for Depression, Keeping one’s Marbles, and Longevity


Exercise to keep one’s marbles.


Exercise to enjoy a long healthspan.




Inflammation that is chronic is a longevity threat and a cognitive threat.


Intermittent Fasting for healthspan and to keep one’s marbles.


Lifestyle for Longevity


Lifestyle for Long-term Cognition


Meat consumption is a cognitive and a longevity threat


Magnesium for longevity, long-term cognition, and vitality


Melatonin for long-term cognition and for longevity.


Mitochondrial Health for healthspan and long-term cognition.


Neuroinflammation is a cognitive threat.


A Plant-Based Diet that is whole-food and unprocessed promotes health-span.


A Plant-Based Diet that is whole-wood and unprocessed promotes long-term cognition.


Microbiome including beneficial gut bacteria for long-term cognition and for healthspan.


NAD+ for healthspan, long-term cognition, and energy.


Avoiding Obesity


Obesity in Children and Adolescents


Oxidative stress is a threat to long-term cognition as well as longevity.


Polyhenols for Healthspan and Long-term cognition


Quacks and Snake Oil




Sugar over-consumption is incredibly dangerous.


Selected Supplements for Immunity, Energy, Long-term Cognition, and Health Span.


Ultra-processed foods versus longevity, and versus long-term cognition.

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